365 Days In a Product Manager’s Life: Day #1

As I write this journal, I have many things going through my mind while attempting to draw my vision of this project.

In concise terms, I am embarking on a journey towards a productive Product management career and would like to provide my story as a point of reference for new, prospective, and experienced Product Managers for the general benefit of our community.

After moving to America, I became a double major graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park, focusing on Information System and Finance. I still have no clue why I went with Finance in the first place since I had a deep interest in computers, software, and the tech industry as a whole. However, my decision to go with an Information System major was a byproduct of that exact interest. Anyway, at the beginning of my ex-Finance career in government contracting, I realized that I would excel in Marketing and started focusing on marketing technologies and applications. For 4 years, I was doing product marketing with both the traditional 9-to-5 and “side-gig” careers simultaneously. I then moved to San Jose, CA, aka The Capital of Silicon Valley, and began working as a Marketing Specialist for a renowned Real Estate agency that happens to develop software and applications for Real Estate agents. I expressed my interest in joining the Product Management team. After a year with the company, I got promoted to a National Product Manager role to develop a new Saas product.

As my transition to this role was happening, I looked for an in-depth look at a Product Manager’s life, and then decided to make my own. So, for the next 365 days, I will do my best to make a new piece on here to briefly go over any things I learn, challenges I may face, and experiences I will build. “Buckle-up”, this is going to be one hell of a ride. Oh yeah, Happy new year friends!

National Product Manager based in the capital of Silicon Valley.